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Do you have IT training content for IT professionals? Let us help you to market this to training and consulting companies all over the world. So you can focus on your core market, while generating a passive stream of revenue.

We’re currently looking for high quality training content around DevOps, microservices, containers, monitoring, data as a service, programming languages, productivity tools, mobile app development, cloud native and much more. We’re also constantly looking for highly specialised workshops that cater to a dedicated target audience.

ITpreneurs By the Numbers

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Do you own courseware? Partner with us and transform your knowledge and experience into courseware.


Help us deliver your courses through our partners. We’re constantly looking for new instructors.


For every license sold and for every delivery made you earn. Create another passive revenue stream.

Enhance Your Courses Using Our Course Development Checklist

If you want to learn how to write an effective course, you must practice. However, being a Subject Matter Expert, it is quite difficult to practice writing a course in a busy schedule of various trainings. Therefore, ITpreneurs has developed a checklist.

The Checklist is designed to help Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) while they are writing for a particular course. The checklist is an informational job aid which lists all the tasks to be done for a course. The Checklist will help you ensure consistency and completeness within a course. It will also help you ensure the course meets all the required criteria.

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I’ve been working with ITpreneurs since 2006, when we jointly developed the COBIT training program. Working with them has enabled me to scale up incredibly. I’ve seen what ITpreneurs is capable of; creating the COBIT training market from scratch. I also benefit from their global network to venture into new business domains with my own consulting business.

Gary Hardy, CEO IT Winners

I've had the privilege of co-developing the TOGAF course with ITpreneurs, and also work as an instructor for TOGAF classes. This has turned out to be a very good combination of subject matter expertise from my side, and instructional development, marketing and logistics from ITpreneurs. Together, we've been able to develop and deliver an excellent class, worldwide, and in several delivery forms, ranging from e-learning, to blended learning and classroom learning.

Danny Greefhorst, Director ArchiXL

Do you have good training materials? Let's add it to our content library so our partners can leverage it!

About ITpreneurs

ITpreneurs provides IT training content, Instructors, Learning Infrastructure and services to training providers, offering these training providers a whole new way to run their business: high impact, low barrier. With thousands of titles covering all key domains within IT, training providers can easily broaden their portfolio and create new revenue without needing to invest in in-house content development and maintenance. Content for training programs is available in up to 15 languages.

By offering this flexibility - to easily add cutting-edge, new-domain trainings that are needed and wanted by clients - as well as partner support ranging from trainer services and sales enablement to accreditation management, ITpreneurs powers the business of many training providers. Learn more about us at www.itpreneurs.com and follow us on Twitter @ITpreneurs.