What are Simagine Simulations?

Boost Your Business with Business Simulations

Make real impact for your Customers.

When your challenge is to convince a (prospective) client of the value of your IT consultancy, you have to be prepared to convince them from the kick­off meeting. That’s where the impact of experiential learning ­ through Business Simulations and Serious Games ­ is a real game­changer for your client and a differentiator for your company. Experiencing your consultancy’s approach first­hand, seeing you in action, is persuasive. And Business Simulations help you understand your client, assess their business needs and organizational culture, and ‘speak the same language’ crucial to building trust and confidence.

We Help You Select the Simulations Relevant to Your Needs

Business Simulations can provide a competitive advantage and bring leadership to your market promising new business opportunities. See how Simagine Business Simulations answer The 5 Must-Have Elements for Powerful Business Simulations.

The 5 Must-Have

Differentiate with Simagine Business Simulations

Become a leader in your market, and a trusted partner for your customers.

Simagine Business Simulations are authentic, engaging and 100% relevant for any organization looking at change or process improvement. With a flexible approach and no fixed scenarios, you will benefit from incorporating an innovative and effective learning solutions for your practice. You will be able to offer your clients more effective solutions for business IT alignment, end to end business processes optimizations, IT service management and IT architecture improvement.

Deliver Real Added Value at the Discovery Phase!


Support the Adoption of DevOps with the Business Simulation Bridge­-it: Change the mindset of your clients’ development and operations team(s).


Bring a Unique and Exclusive Blended and Certified Offer: Competence assessment in Hands­On Programs for ITIL® and PRINCE2®.

A Heart Effort

Use A Heart Effort communication game as a kick­off and get a quick scan of your customer’s organizational situation.

Your Change Management Toolkit

For every organization you work with.


  • PRINCE2®
  • PMP®
  • DevOps


  • ITIL®
  • ISO/IEC 20000


  • BiSL®
  • (Out)sourcing service
  • Cloud


  • Lean IT
  • BPM

Framing the Future

  • Enterprise Architecture


  • ITIL®
  • PRINCE2®

An Effective Game

A Heart Effort is an effective game to complement your offering or to serve as a starting point for a change program at your client organizations. Questions are tailored to their requirements.

How Do Simagine Business Simulations Fit into Your Practice?

Find the adoption model that fit your offering.

  1. Integrate Business Simulations that match your offering
  2. Offer a blended solution by integrating the Simulation in your course as a full training solution
  3. Expand your portfolio with Business Simulations and open a new revenue stream
  4. Integrate Business Simulations as an integral part of your consulting projects

Differentiate your offering with Business Simulations and create new business opportunities.

Explore the Value of Using Simagine Business Simulations


Which Simagine Business Simulation fits your client’s needs?


How Simulations accelerate change management (5 stages).


Simulations can help you solve your challenge: convincing the client (and closing the deal).

Success Story

How consulting companies have benefited from Simagine Simulations.

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A Heart Effort is a very effective game to complete your offering or to serve as a starting point for a change program. Participants highly enjoy playing the game, sharing opinions, hearing new viewpoints. Well embedded in a positive atmosphere minds are opened to new decision making.

Sandra Kruijt, Owner and Director at Priorities-Professional Organizing

I've been using Control IT for more than 12 years now. I must have 'played' it with different groups more than 200 times. It's simply great! It gives you the possibility to quickly show your audience where they could improve by just applying basic rules.

Peter Gerritsen, Owner and Director at Pepper Group

Flexibility is key when identifying a client's need or business problem. The Simagine sessions demonstrated it has the ability to be a stand-alone session, integrated into a Certification course (ie. ITIL Foundation), or may be included as a tool in a Consultant's toolbox.

Consultant at CASK, USA

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About Simagine

Simagine develops Business Simulations which are not only flexible but are also relevant and realistic. Thanks to the three key concepts, the Simulations have an effect on the learning and change situation in question. The Business Simulations are flexible enough that they can even be adapted to the participant group while being enacted. They are relevant enough for specific subjects in a recognizable organizational environment. And they are realistic, so that participants can make the transfer from the Business Simulation to their daily reality. Learn more about Simagine at simagine-international.com​.​